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Engtex Metals (Utara)EMU Hard Drawn Wire

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EMU Hard Drawn Wire is a Cold Drawn Wire produced from low carbon steel wire rods to varied diameters.

EMU Hard Drawn Wire (Ribbed Wire or Plain Wire) comes in coil form and customization of different lengths.

EMU Hard Drawn Ribbed Wire is mostly use for the manufacturing of Welded Ribbed Wire Mesh.

EMU Hard Drawn Wire is manufactured to Malaysia Standard MS144:2014 /MS146:2014 and comply to International Standard JIS 3525 / SS 560:2016 & others

EMU Hard Drawn Ribbed Wire is commonly used in electrical components, furniture, automobile part, household products and etc.


Diameter (mm) Coil Form (Kg/Coil) Cut Length (m) Yield Strength (N/mm2) Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Internal Coil Diameter (mm)
4mm – < 8mm 500kg-2000kg 2m-12m 500 N/mm2 510 N/mm2 500mm- 850mm
? 8mm -13mm 500kg-2000kg 2m-12m 500 N/mm2 525 N/mm2 500mm- 850mm

Category: EMU Hard Drawn Wire have a high tensile strength and can be applied in precast concrete industry, precast pipe, piles and other construction industry.
(Example – Slab, Wall, Beam & Column)